Meet The IMMY Mark 1™

The IMMY Mark 1 is the first headset that masterfully blends AR and VR in one device.

In The News

The 60-degree field of view was also noticeably wider than both the Hololens and Meta 2, and gave a more natural visual feel to the experience.

– UploadVR

The design is so straight forward and a seemingly obvious solution to the beam splitter loss problem that it makes me wonder why nobody has been using it earlier.

– Karl Guttag

About the Mark 1

The Mark 1 is human-centric, designed with the user in mind. It causes no eye-strain or fatigue, can be used for 8+ hours at a time, and all in a lightweight, stylish package.

With amazing image fidelity, the Mark 1 boasts a full 60 degree FOV with 100% overlap and stellar performance even in direct sunlight.

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